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Gimme Four

barbershop quartet - caldwell, nj

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Gimme Four is a barbershop quartet based in Caldwell, New Jersey.  Paul, Dave, Will, and Joe have been singing together since 2011. In their first year, they won the Rahway Valley Novice Quartet Championship and were named the 2012 Mid-Atlantic District Collegiate Champions. That summer, they competed at the 2012 International Collegiate Quartet Contest in Portland, Oregon, placing 8th. In 2013, they finished 6th at the same contest in Toronto.  Later that year, they competed and placed 2nd at the 2013 Mid-Atlantic District Quartet Contest. They qualified to compete in the 2014 International Quartet Contest in Las Vegas, placing 40th, and took 3rd at the 2014 Mid-Atlantic District Quartet Contest.  Thereafter, the quartet successfully qualified for the 2015 International Quartet Contest in Pittsburgh.  At this contest, Gimme Four became an International Semifinalist, finishing 19th.  They returned to 2nd place in the District contest of 2015, and qualified for Internationals once again at Prelims in April of 2016.  After placing 24th in the most competitive International of their lives, the quartet immediately began preparation for the 2016 District contest, where they achieved a 3rd place finish.

Beyond the contest stage, the quartet has sung on a number of barbershop chapter shows all across the tri-state area. They have undertaken a number of interesting projects including recording on wax cylinders at the Thomas Edison Museum, recording jingles for local commercials, and singing at parties and weddings.  The quartet also had the enormous privilege of being featured at the legendary Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center in NYC alongside James Langton's New York All-Star Big Band in 2015.  Gimme Four continues to sing with the Big Band, appearing on The Intrepid, at the Algonquin Arts Theater, and most recently at the Cutting Room in NYC.

All four quartet members sing in the Dapper Dans of Harmony, based in Caldwell, as well as East Coast Sound, a 35-and-under chorus which draws membership from NJ, NY, and PA. The quartet is heavily involved in youth outreach and music education through barbershop singing, having coached middle and high school students at Harmony College East in 2013, 2014, and 2015 in Salisbury, MD, as well as at numerous other youth festivals and schools throughout the area.

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PAUL FRANEK is the tenor of Gimme Four.  Paul has been a Barbershop Harmony Society member for 8 years, and was introduced to the genre though his high school a capella group, the Retromen.  Paul is incredibly passionate about barbershop, and serves as the presentation coach and tenor section leader for the Dapper Dans, East Coast Sound, and the Brothers in Harmony.  When Paul isn't barbershopping (which isn't often), he's playing video games or ranting on about Android phones.  Easily the most annoying member of the quartet.

JOE SERVIDIO sings baritone in Gimme Four.  Like Dave, he has been a Society member for 9 years.  Just like Paul and Dave, he learned of barbershop while singing with the Retromen and was invited to Dapper Dans rehearsal.  Joe currently serves as the baritone section leader and warm-up leader of the Dapper Dans and East Coast Sound.  Joe also comes to the quartet with previous quartet experience, having sung with no fewer than four chapter quartets, most of which competed at M-AD Northern Division contests.


DAVE AMMIRATA sings lead in Gimme Four.  He has been in the Society for 9 years.  Like Paul, he learned of barbershop when he was singing with the Retromen in high school.  Dave is the only member of Gimme Four who comes to them with previous international quartet experience, having competed in 2010 with his first quartet, Steel City Incline.  Dave is also the assistant director and lead section leader of the Dapper Dans as well as the director and lead section leader of East Coast Sound.  Dave works in the audio-visual field for ACIEM Studios in Montclair, NJ.

WILL DOWNEY is the bass of Gimme Four.  He is the newest barbershopper in the quartet at 4 years.  However, he comes to the quartet with a wealth of musical experience, and is currently a music teacher in the Caldwell-West Caldwell school system.  Will also sang with the Retromen, but did not come to the Dapper Dans from there like Paul, Dave, and Joe.  Instead, in 2011, he invited himself to a Dans rehearsal and fell in love with the genre.  Will serves as bass section leader and Music VP for both the Dans and East Coast Sound, and now directs the Retromen, the very group that got each quartet member started.

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